Furbo Dog Camera Review: Is It Worth Spending Money On?

Pet owners are always tried to make their four-legged friends live a better life. However, with so many new vogue gadgets in the market, it is hard for the person to choose what’s really worth it. But when looking for the right tech-savvy for your dog, you should choose Furbo Dog Camera! It is the ultimate wish of many dog owners as it allows them to be there even when they are not. 

It is not cheap, but it also has many high-tech features, such as a 160° wide-view angle and 1080p camera that even comes with built-in Bluetooth functionality. With the Furbo dog camera review, you will learn more about the camera and how it is considered the best option. Through this, you will be able to see your pet and talk with them.  

If you ever want to spy on your little pooch, this is one camera that you should have that offers you 360-degree visibility. It even features improved treat tossing, automatic pet tracking, and color night vision. You will have to check the Furbo dog camera review for more information about the camera.

Furbo Dog Camera Review- Update 2022 

Furbo dog camera does serve you a variety of pet treat camera that has worked flawlessly since day one. Once you set up the camera in the right position, you will know that it is quite simple and reliable. Moreover, your dog will love this one!

 There have been several updates till the time it is launched. Now, it comes with smart alerts. The new update, which has come now, is the 360-degree wide angle that you can get at $210. However, the company plans to give the device a discount ($149).  

Like the predecessor, the Furbo 360 features a 1080p camera with a 160-degree wide-angle lens, which comes with infrared night vision. In this Furbo dog camera review, you will learn about every specification you experience once you purchase this camera.

6 Features of Furbo Dog Camera

In the Furbo dog camera review, you will learn about its different features so you can make your decision. It will let you understand whether buying a Furbo dog camera is worth it or not.

Fantastic Configuration

Furbo is one of the best cameras that offer you the ultimate configuration that every pet owner wants. It may not be exactly what people say cheap but it does come with premium features. It has a 1080p camera that offers HD-quality images, which means you will get a clear picture of the dog. It even comes with a 160-degree view angle to better view the room.

It even comes with built-in Bluetooth features. Compared to other options out there, you will experience a much better experience. It is 8.86 inches long and 4.72 inches wide which is easy to catch attention but also fits best with your modern house design.

Control the Camera via the Application

It does not matter where you are; the person can control the camera or treat the dispenser through just one Application. First, you need to set up your dog’s profile and add your little pup’s profile picture. The user will get a clear vision of the live video with clear color. It also allows you to zoom in to get a closer look.

It even has a bark sensor where the pet owner will get an alert notification whenever their dog is barking so much or if there is any one activity they are not supposed to do.

A Camera for Separation Anxiety 

The camera also comes with some extra features, which come with barking alerts so you can check on your dog immediately what they are doing and why. It happens when someone comes to your house, say post man and the dog may start baking on them.

 But with this camera, you can toss the treat on them, which makes everything so much easier and entertaining. It will distract them, and till the time they will remember about the postman, he will be long gone. It will also help you with separation anxiety as they will not feel alone when there is someone to offer them treats, and they will have fun.  

Dog Treat Dispenser

From the Furbo dog camera review, you may have gotten the idea about this camera’s best feature, which is it can toss the dog treat through the Application. Yes! The camera does come with the treat dispenser, and you can set the time for the treat dispensing. 

Moreover, you can also make that possible because it allows you to toss the treats from your phone via Application and feed the dog. It can carry treats with a diameter of 0.4″. Moreover, the pet parent can customize the treat distances thrown at them.   

Two-way Audio

The Furbo dog camera allows users to have a two-way conversation with their dogs. It means the person will not just hear the sound of their dog bark and other things in the house. But you can also speak with them through the Application. So you can either record the message or just talk with them through the Application at the same time.

You can listen and talk to your dog through devices. But sometimes, it might confuse your little pup, and they may start missing you. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the best features that you can have because it can sometimes be used to calm your dog when they are barking excessively.    

Motion Sensor and Night Vision  

Another amazing feature of the Furbo dog camera is a motion sensor and night vision. It will detect your dog through its motion and notify you timely with the complete details available there. 

Moreover, it also has night vision, through which you can get a clear view of your pet when there is darkness around. It does not matter whether it is day or night; you will have the HD view that you can have through the Application. 

Advantages of Furbo Dog Camera

  • Give you a full HD Wi-Fi dog dispenser and camera that offers 1080p HD images through the Application.
  • It features a bark detector and color night vision. In addition, you will get alert messages about what your dog is doing.
  • Offers two-way audio communication that allows you to speak with your dog, and also, they can talk with you. 
  • Quieter and have an adjustable treat tosser with an attractive design 
  • Capture sweet photos of your dog through the Application.
  • 360-degree views with silent panning.

Disadvantages of Furbo Dog Camera 

  • The main reason why people do not purchase this Furbo dog camera is that it is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. 
  • It does not tilt vertically.
  • You will require a subscription if you want to get some extra features. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this Furbo dog camera review is quite helpful, and you may have got the complete details about the camera that you want to know. This beauty is actually worth it for the pet parents who usually stay out of the house.

With this technology, you can make your day without stressing about the dog. Moreover, it is so easy for you to set it up.  

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