8 Best Indoor Camera for Dog 2022

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Even in a perfect world, people can’t keep an eye on their pets 24/7. People must go out for work or other things and leave their pets at home. Nobody wants that, but they have. That is the reason why choosing the best indoor camera for dog is an excellent option you can have to ensure the safety of your furry friend.  

But what camera should you choose? Is every camera is best indoor camera for dogs? Of course not! But in this guide, you will learn about the best indoor camera for the dog, and you can choose one from them. 

4 Features You should look for indoor dog camera

Here are a few things you should always remember while buying the best indoor camera for the dog. 

  • Added home securityYou have bought a dog to guard your house who turns out to be a softy. But there is nothing to worry about because you can have a camera that will guard your dog and watch over the whole house. In addition, it will give you night vision abilities, so you can watch them in the dark.
  • Does it come with a treat dispenser? – One of the best parts about the dispenser is that some come with a treat dispenser. It means it will toss the treat at the dog, which will be a way of entertainment for them.
  • Form of communicationWhen you choose the best indoor camera for the dog, you choose the one with the best communication. The right camera will have two-way communication, giving notifications when your dog barks, and you can even speak to them.
  • Wide field of view- It is crucial for the person to feature the best indoor camera for dogs so they can get a wide field of view. It will make things handy, and they can even see the smaller things their pet is doing now. There will be one zoom function, too, which makes it handy on the pet camera that comes with the wide-angle lens.

What Is The Best Indoor camera for dogs?

Petcube Bites 2

Are you looking for the best indoor camera for dog? If you are, then this aluminum pet camera by Petcube is the one that you can have. The camera is quite large, but because of its large size, it can store lots of treats. With the help of choices, the system can even choose the distance at which the treats are thrown.

The camera even supports a four-microphone array along with the speaker bar, which improves the audio quality and makes it more reliable as it can detect the bark and meow sound. When you talk about the visuals, it also offers you 1080p full HD resolutions that come with a wide 160-degree lens with night vision. In addition, the device can be controlled through Alexa speaking.


1. The camera size is 14.5 x 7.6 x 26.7 cm with a weight of 2.8 kg.
2. The resolution of the image is 1080p full HD and has two-way audio.
3. The lens is 160-degree wide angle that has 4x digital zoom.
4. It features Alexa control, free cloud storage, night vision, automated treat ordering, and a dispenser. 


  • Easy to set-up
  • Reliably dispenses treat
  • Work as a smart speaker with Alexa


  • The camera is not that sharp
  • Expensive
  • No laser
  • 🎥 Ultimate pet monitoring – With Petcube Bites Wi-Fi pet camera, watch your pet with 1080p full HD video, 160° ultra-wide angle view, and night vision. See up close with 4x zoom. 🔊Hear & speak with high-quality 2-way audio.
  • 🚀Quick 2-minute setup – Petcube Bites 2 is the only pet camera to support 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections. iOS 11 and higher, Android 7.1.2 and higher are required.
  • 🍖Treat your pet remotely – Toss treats short, medium, or long distance or schedule automatic treat dispensing via the free Petcube app. Supports a wide range of dry, crunchy dog and cat treats. 1. 5 lbs treat capacity.
  • 🔔 Smart sound & motion alerts – Real-time notifications tell you when your pet is active and you need to check in.
  • 🎶 Built-in Alexa assistant – Play music, answer questions, hear the news, control smart home devices, order your pet’s favourite treats, and more — all via your Bites 2 smart pet cam. Voice assistant functionality is optional.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera

The best dog you can have for your dog owners comes with a 360-degree view. It is a feature-packed camera with a wide-angle view camera with 4x digital zoom and night vision. While looking for the best indoor camera for dogs, this can be the right option as it even comes with improvements on the original Furbo. 

 You can connect the camera to your smartphone and even throw the treats at your pet. It has an all-new treat toss option that allows you to adjust the size of the treatment to suit your dog’s needs. As compared to other cameras, Furbo is much better and larger, and that is because of its bamboo and white design, which blends with the interior of your house.


1. The camera size will be 5.24 x 4.92 x 9.17 inches, and the weight will be 2.42 lbs.
2. It comes with a resolution of 1080p full HD.
3. The lens that is used here will be a 360-degree wide-angle view that comes with 4x digital zoom and also night vision.
4. It features a bark notification, an Alexa control, and a treat dispenser. 


  • Have attractive design
  • With 1080p video
  • Comes with feature-packed 


  • Quite expensive 
  • Large in size
  • FULL HD CAMERA WITH 360° ROTATING VIEW - The NEW Furbo 360° Dog Camera gives you best-in-class HD video quality with 360-degree rotating view for full room coverage, day & night. Stunning 1080p liveview and high quality 4x zoom let you easily check on your home, speak to family, and toss treats to pets. Know what’s going on in your home from anywhere - no more missed moments or blind spots.
  • REALTIME 2-WAY AUDIO & COLOR NIGHT VISION - Seamlessly hear and speak with family members and pets at home, and adjust volume in-app for crystal clear audio. Color night vision provides enhanced night vision with infrared technology to see in the dark, and enjoy vivid color vision in low light.
  • FUN ADJUSTABLE TREAT TOSSING - Toss a treat to your dog via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. All new Treat Toss allows you to adjust treat size to suit your dog's needs. Fill Furbo with your dog’s favorite treats to use as a reward, or as a distraction for symptoms of separation anxiety like pacing, barking or licking.
  • REAL-TIME SMART ALERTS - Smart alerts give you reliable insight into what’s happening at home. Furbo’s BARKING SENSOR detects when your dog is barking and sends push notifications to your smartphone. With Furbo Dog Nanny (subscription sold separately), you get additional alerts like Dog Activity Alert, Person Alert, CO/Smoke Alarm Alert and many more, to avoid home emergencies and accidents.
  • EASY 3-STEP SETUP & SECURITY - 1) Plug the USB cord into a power outlet 2) Download the Furbo app 3) Connect to your home WiFi. Furbo 360° Dog Camera uses bank-level encryption to ensure your data remains private. Enable 2-Step Verification to keep your account secure. A stable internet connection & WiFi signal are recommended for best performance.

SKYMEE Dog Camera Treat Dispenser 

The SKYMEE dog camera is a good option, one can cover all bases with two-way audio, a treat dispenser, Alexa control, and night vision. It has pretty much everything that a pet owner may want. It is considered the best indoor camera for dogs, which can be controlled on both iPhone and Android devices.

The user can log into eight devices which means the whole family can get in on the action, which makes it easy for the user to share the images and videos to social media. You can record your dog and then share their clips on social media.

The camera we offer will include 1080p video that comes with the useful 4x digital zoom, which connects you via Wi-Fi, but keep in mind that it works with a 2.4 G Wi-Fi connection only and not on 5G. It even helps to keep your dog entertained by tossing the treats at them, and it is even for encouragement with a two-way audio connection.  


1. The size of the SKYMEE dog camera is 14.3 x 14.3 x 23.9 cm, and the weight is 1.66 kg.
2. The image or video resolution is quite high and offers 1080p Full HD content with a lens that gives a 120-degree wide handle.
3. It supports night vision, a treat dispenser, and Alexa Control.


  • The video quality is high, with 1080p video
  • Excellent app functionality


  • Does not offer cloud storage
  • 【SEE】1080p Full HD Camera: With Full HD, 4x zoom and night vision, you will be able to see your dog clearly day and night.
  • 【TALK】 2-Way Audio: Petalk AI will notify you when your pet trick or treat by motion detection. Know what's going on at home and keep your dog calm down.
  • 【SHARE】One app account can be share to your family members to login (up to 8 devices). Photos and videos also can be share on social platform. Never miss any joyful moments of your pet
  • 【PLAY】Happy Treat Dispenser:toss your dog’s favorite treats(recommend size 0.6cm~1.1cm) and play with it, let your baby dog chase the treats to stay active and excited.
  • 【SETUP】1)Plug in to a power outlet using USB cord =>2)Download the full free app“Skymee” =>3)Connect to 2.4G wifi (not compatible with 5G wifi). Contact technical support at any time via the app.12-hour response service is friendly offered

News SmartCam

News SmartCam is a cheap camera that comes next on the list of the best indoor camera for dog. It has the standard features you need to have a successful pet camera. It may not move on your command, but if you want, it can rotate up to 320 degrees which means you can put that in awkward places that offer you a better room view. 

The person can also easily mount the camera to the wall, which will be possible through a magnetic base and mounting plate. It gives easy access each time. It is the only camera that one can have on the list, which has 8x digital zoom. With this camera, you can also get free cloud storage which you can extend with a subscription.


1. The resolution of the camera is 1080p. 
2. Through this, you can get a field view of 110 degrees.
3. It is rotatable and gives you night vision.


  • Gives your free cloud storage
  • Better perform in full HD resolution
  • Simple set-up


  • The mic is not that wonderful
  • Works with Alexa ask Alexa to show your kitchen lounge nursery or anywhere else you have your SmartCam on an Echo Dot Echo show or fire stick connected to your TV
  • 1080P Full HD with live stream and 8x digital zoom – 2 8mm Focal length 110º wide angle lens 1/2 9" Cmos sensor
  • Motion & noise detection with alerts when motion or noise is detected a 12 second video clip is automatically recorded
  • Free cloud storage Videos are stored for 14 days for free and secured in a AWS cloud via an end-to-end encryption
  • Night vision with F2 0 aperture ir-cut filter and four 850Nm infrared LEDs The Neos SmartCam night vision allows you to see up to 9 metres away even in total darkness
  • Flexible design The unique design allows you to point the camera in precisely the right direction The magnetic base connects to any metal surface or use the included metal plate and adhesive pad to mount the camera anywhere
  • Download clips save video clips to your phone with a single tap and Share them with your family & friends
  • No smart home hub required

WoPet Smart Pet Camera 

Have a chance to talk with your pet and toss them treat even when you are not around with this smart pet camera. WoPet Smart Pet Camera is one of the most interactive pet cameras with amazing features. It has a 165-degree, wide-angle lens, and 1080p full HD resolution, which even comes with excellent picture quality.  

When it comes to the affordable and best indoor camera for dog, it is one you can choose. It offers you good night vision because your pet may not sleep even when the lights go out, your pet may not sleep. Plus, with this platform, you can even talk with your pet as it is two-way audio and is compatible with Alexa, but you need to connect it to 2.4 GHz WI-Fi.


1. The camera’s lens is 165 degrees and comes with a resolution of 1080p HD.
2. Its size is 29.21 x 16.79 x 16.61 cm, weighing around 1.42 kg.
3. It even features Alexa, 4x digital zoom, night vision mode, a treat dispenser, and a two-way dispenser.


  • High-quality picture
  • Better night vision
  • Gives treat also 


  • It is not the cheapest option one can have.
  • Fun Treat Tossing: Toss your dog's favorite treats with phone app, get their attention with the speaker, and play with them remotely through the treat tossing function. Let your dog experience your virtual presence even when you are not at home. Have them jump and chase treats and tell him he's a good boy!
  • Smart APP Control: WOPET Smart Pet Camera is compatible with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi systems, allowing you to program and monitor your pet's meals anywhere and anytime, to see,talk, play, and interact with your pet.Connect with your pet while you are away with the supported audio chat/recording.Sharing your favorite moment on social media directly if preferred.
  • 1080P HD Camera for Remote Monitoring: Through a high-definition video camera with 1080P high resolution and 165°wide viewing angle, WOPET dog treats camera allows you to see and hear how your beloved pets are responding when you are temporarily away. The built-in camera supports night vision, enabling you to clearly see your pets in the dark.
  • Two Way Audio: Built-in advanced microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio conversations. Let you listen, talk and reward your pet's favorite snack or play & interact with your pet anytime, anywhere, Not only can you see what's happening at home, but also send voice commands, scare off intruders and talk with loved ones, even when you're away.
  • OPERATING TIPS: Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord; 2)Android user :Search WOPET smart on Google play,IOS user :Search WOPET on APP store to download the App; 3) connect to your home WIFI.We recommended to use treats 0.24-0.6”(6-15mm) that will get your dog excited to play with you and dog camera.

Owlet home pet camera

If you are looking for the best indoor camera for dog but at a budgeted price, then the Owlet Home pet camera is the one you can choose. It is a budget-friendly option that comes with great features such as live HD streaming, treat dispensing capabilities, and live HD streaming, 

The device even offers you night vision and motion detection, alerting you through the application when the pet is near the camera. You can even record your voice here and set it to play when the treat pops out, preventing the pet from knocking it over. The device you use also has holes you can hand into the wall to secure it from the hard surface.

 Moreover, this is the best indoor camera for dogs because it is compatible with Alexa devices.


1. The camera quality is 1080p camera
2. It offers a field view of 165- degrees 
3. Two-way audio 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Offer live video streaming
  • Compatible with the Alexa


  • The speaker or microphone can be louder
  • Keep Your Pet Accompanied: The Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser allows you to watch and talk to your pet, or even toss a treat via the free APP or manual toss button or Alexa Voice Control, providing companionship to your pet while you are away from home.
  • Easy Setup: The Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser is incredibly easy to set up. Simply unpack, plug in to a power outlet, download the APP (available on iOS, Android, and Amazon App Store), add the device, and connect to WiFi.
  • Fun and Interactive: With the Treat Dispenser & Tossing feature, you can have fun time tossing a treat to your pet via the APP. You can even record your voice via the APP when tossing a treat, letting your pet feel like you are around even when you are away from home. The treat dispenser operates on a single motor rotation, treat quantity may vary by size. Dispenser may release multiple treats at once; unsuitable for dispensing medicated treats.
  • High-Quality Video and Audio: The Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser offers a 1080P camera and auto night vision, allowing you to see your pet clearly day and night. The built-in high-quality microphone and speaker allow for easy and clear two-way audio, so you can play with or treat your pet with their favorite food or snack.
  • Advanced Features: The Owlet Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser features advanced motion detection and dog bark alert, making it a great surveillance device to see what’s happening in your home. The camera is compatible with iOS 7.0 or Android 5.0 and above, supports both 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi signal, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, 12-month warranty, and technical support.

Nooie Pet Camera 

The Nooie Pet Camera 2K is not just for pets but also your babies. It has a sleek and compact design that offers 2K cameras that follow you around the room. People consider this the best indoor camera for dog because it automatically senses and track movement and even rotate 355-degree and 95-degree horizontally and vertically, respectively.

The person can even use the pan and tilt it easily with the application on their smartphone. All you need to do is download the application the way you want to. It makes the entire process much more affordable compared to the other premium option one can have.

The Nooie pet camera is next on the list of the best indoor camera for dog as it has a speaker and built-in mic, which offer you several features, including night vision, in your budget.  


1. The size of the Nooie Pet camera is 17.1 x 9.3 x9.2 cm.
2. It has a lens of 355 degrees with Wi-Fi, Google, and Alexa connectivity.
3. It also included a power adaptor, wall mount plate, adaptor, screw, and anchor.
4. Noise-canceling speaker and mic. 


  • Easy to set-up
  • Affordable 
  • Pan and tilt motion


  • The application is not that good
  • The picture quality is bad
  • Does not have a treat dispenser
  • ALWAYS THERE: Never miss a single detail with the 2K resolution indoor camera. Night vision up to 32ft (10m) even in pitch-black room or environment. You can check in on your pet and home security, anytime anywhere.
  • 360 °MOTION TRACKING: Automatically senses and tracks movements in full 360° view -- rotates 355° horizontally and 94° vertically. Pan and tilt easily with the Nooie App.
  • 24/7 CONNECT AND COMMUNICATE: Live streaming with real-time motion and sound alerts. Listen and talk to your family and pet with built-in noise-cancelling mic and speaker.
  • EASY SET UP: Power on the camera, connect to your Wi-Fi via nooie app, and enjoy your live stream directly from your smartphone! Camera and app are simple to control, and a breeze to maintain.
  • SECURE DATA & OPTIONAL STORAGE: Multiple security protocols to keep your data and privacy secure. You can opt for a SD card (up to 128G) local storage to avoid any possible risks.

eufy pet dog camera

The eufy pet dog camera is an amazing treat dispenser that one can have with the camera. The treat dispenser is what makes it the best indoor camera for dog. There are three different options from which you can choose the one to fire the treat out at! It will keep your dog entertained for a while because they will be wondering where the treat will go.

It will also be quite helpful for the dogs, especially with the big one who likes to steal the treats. The camera spins around 270 degrees and aims at the treat in a different direction, which is also a kind of training for them. In addition, the camera has AI tracking, which means it will identify the dog wherever they go in the room. It even detects its baking and sends an alert to your phone. 

Dog owners want to choose the best indoor camera for dog, and with this 2.5x digital zoom camera, things become easier. You will not have to research it even more, and it will show you the best clips with its Doggy diary that will be offered to you daily.


1. The camera’s resolution is 1080p, with a field view of 170 degrees, and it spins with a 270-degree treat dispenser.
2. It offers you two-way audio and night vision so you can keep track of your dog.  


  • Aim in different directions while throwing the treats
  • 1080p sensor camera
  • AI alert system


  • There can be a glitch in the application 
  • Your Furbaby’s Always in Frame: Check in anytime with pet tracking technology that automatically follows your dog or cat for 24/7 care. Your pet stays the center of attention with rotation and a wide-angle lens that eliminates blind spots.
  • See Every Adorable Moment in HD Detail: Capture your furbaby’s cuteness in stunning HD day or night with powerful night vision. Watch in real-time on the eufy Pet app. Share the fun within your family too, watch together even when apart with multiple users able to watch the live feed at the same time. Note: Dog Camera only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections.
  • It’s Fun for Your Pet: Keep your dog or cat guessing with the pet camera’s 3-distance treat dispenser with tossing. Plus, Dog Camera’s unique anti-clog design keeps you playing with Rover, not fishing out stuck treats.
  • Your Smart Pet Sitter: While you're away, Dog Camera is hot on your dog or cat’s tail. You'll get notifications* via the pet camera’s phone app for every woof, meow, or movement detected, along with anything unexpected inside your home.
  • Love is Subscription Free: Never pay a monthly fee to enjoy the fur-tastic fun moments compiled by the advanced AI and Doggy Diary. Plus, you’ll get nearly 60 days of local storage** to save your favorite videos.


Is there any camera from where your dog can also see you? 

Yes, it is possible when you choose to purchase eufy security 2K indoor pet camera that comes with advanced features.  It is the best camera for the dog you can have.

Can your pet camera help with separation anxiety? 

Each parent is different in their own way and has different triggers or emotions when it comes to separation anxiety. So when you get the pet camera, then that will be two-way audio which allows the pet to hear the voice that even help some animals.

Bottom Line

Having the best indoor camera for dog is crucial because that will be the only way you can keep an eye on them. It will give you a sense of relief that your pet is safe at home, and you can also keep track of their activities and even offer those treats.

But while choosing the one, make sure you are putting your hand and investing in the right option so you will not have to regret it later.

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