Why Do Dogs Hate Cameras?

For whatever incomprehensible reason, it is impossible to get the attention of some dogs on camera. You can try for thousand times and take dozens of pictures but your dog will not still. As a result, most of the pictures you click will be a blur; your dog may be looking away, scratching, licking its lips, or doing other things.

Not just a big camera thing, but if you take a phone instead of those big lenses, they may refuse to get the picture. Even well-trained dogs are camera-shy and may not hold still. But why do they hate the camera so much? Why do they not click any pictures? Why does the dog hate camera? Here, you will learn about everything!

Some Reasons About Dogs Hate Cameras

Generally, dogs are not concerned about looking pretty for the picture, of course, because they are not humans. Instead, they want to be comfortable, and if you want to prevent the nervousness, you just need to start the camera early from puppyhood if possible so they can get used to it.

The most common reason or possibility is that dogs are afraid of the camera. Imagine you are standing the dog pointing a strange object at your dog; then, even the most confident dog will feel uncertain and anxious. 

Sometimes, your camera may make unusual noises when you turn it on, zoom in, or even shut the download open and close it. Of course, a person may not even hear them, but if you will remember, the dog’s hearing is much keener than humans, and these unusual noises may even seem scary to your dog. 

So, if you want to make your young puppy camera friendly and make them feel comfortable. You may even present the dog with the opportunity to investigate the camera at its own pace. If they remain calm and positive around it, then you should reward them. 

What Are the Solutions?   

If you want to make your dog camera friendly, then there are several things that you can do. Some of the things that will help you are mentioned in the following points-

  1. You can just grab some high-reward treats and get on your dog’s level. Then, the person can just sit with the camera placed on the lap. Then, you can just invite the dog over using happy and calm voice-making and praise him when they get closer.
  2.  When your dog gets closer, that will give him a treat, and they may even investigate the camera independently. If they are uncomfortable, you can just place the treat slightly closer to the camera, and they will come there. You should not move the camera anywhere.
  3. Once your dog is comfortable around the camera, you can just raise the camera from your lap. It is crucial for you to see how your dog is responding to the movement. If your dog is uncomfortable, then just take a break and start from the beginning.

Other Solutions or Considerations

Some dogs do not mind having pictures taken, especially when the parent will start taking the pictures when they are really young. However, taking videos or pictures throughout their youth is the best way too accustomed to it.

But taking pictures of your dog when they are uncomfortable will be pretty stressful or exhausting for them. So that is why you must first take them into your lap and wrap your arms around the dog. It will make them feel safe and secure. If they are still unable to get past that, then you can use the traditional camera and even try the cell phone, making it way more familiar to them.

You should keep in mind that you should never force your dog when they are scared. You need to do that slowly, which will erode the confidence and trust which you are trying to build around the camera. As a result, your dog may even lose confidence and trust in other areas.

That is why it is always vital for the person to remember patience is one of the most crucial things. You need to wait sometime and give your dog a little time to react in front of the camera, which will give a positive response.

Bottom Line

Forcing your little fury friend in front of the camera will only cause many problems. They will get stressed and lose their confidence. No pet owner wants that to happen to their pet. So, it is always better if you give them some time so they can get comfortable with the camera.

Some dogs are born to get the spotlight, and they like the camera, and some do not. That is why you should pay attention to the body language of your little one and learn the difference.

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