7 Best Wireless Dog Cameras 2022

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Having a dog camera is the best solution for dog parents who are busy as it will give you a chance through which they can keep an eye on their pup and make sure they are not getting into mischief. Leaving a dog behind at home can be stressful, and with these cameras, they can know about everything related to them and know if they annoy their neighbor or do anything else. 

For your dog, their entire world revolves around you, and when you are not there, they may find it unpleasant, scary, or unpleasant. That is why choosing the best wireless dog camera is the right option that one should have. So, let’s just look over the best wireless dog camera so you can keep an eye on your dog. 

Why Do You Need a Camera for Your Dog?

The dog owner must have the best wireless dog camera because of the following reason,

  • You will not have to worry about your dog’s health because when they are alone at home, most people fear that their dog will get injured or hurt themselves. But when you have the best wireless dog camera. 
  • Now, you can even enjoy the night and weekends more because you will have the best wireless dog camera to keep an eye on that. 
  • You will become even more productive and calmer when there is no stress about your dog and its safety. The person will be happy and anxious free, so they can become better at their task and focus more on that. 
  • Choosing the best wireless dog camera will not just help you in keeping an eye on your dog but also on your house too. You can know what is happening, and if you have a dog sitter, you will know whether they are working properly. 
  • A better way to connect and train your dog. More importantly, your dog will feel much better as it can hear your voice in the house even when you are not around them. Moreover, these now come with a treat dispenser, keeping your dog entertained.  

What Is The Best Wireless Dog Camera In 2022?

SKYMEE Owl Robot 

The SKYMEE Owl Robot is similar to having a pet because it is a robot, treat dispenser, HD camera, and fun for the pets and their owner. It is like having an app companion who will talk with your furry friend and control the camera. When you have the best wireless dog camera, which will walk around your house to see what your pet is up to.

The owner will also be able to control the owl’s movement to go back and forth or in the wavy line or many other playful movements through which they can tease their dog with the auto-movement feature. 

When you compare it with other cameras, the option can be detected when your pet is near or even touching the camera. In addition, the performance of this device features 2-way audio, motion detection, and a treat dispenser.


1. The lens used in the SKYMEE Owl Robot is 1080p, providing clear night vision.
2. You will need an application to use the camera.
3. It even features a motion sensor and a touch sensor.


  • Interact and entertain your pet 
  • It includes some extra features
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Multiple people can get access to the application 


  • Can be expensive
  • It might make your pet anxious.

Skymee Petalk AI II

Another option that you can have is SKYMEE Petalk AI II which comes with a 180-degree viewing angle, a motion sensor, two-way audio, and a treat dispenser. It is Furbo’s biggest rival, known as the interactive pet camera. It even offers an application that will allow you to log in to up to eight devices which means more family members can access the camera and watch their loved companion throughout the day. 

When it comes to video quality, you may want to find the best wireless dog camera, and this is the option you should have. It is an affordable alternative you find to others and will be a great way to give your pup treats throughout the day. 


1. Offer 1080p full GD camera and infrared LED night vision with 120-degree wide-angle view.
2. It is a 2-way audio and motion detection with AI smart speaker control.
3. Multiple account login
4. Dog dispenser


  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • 180-degree angle


  • No control over volume
  • Spotty streaming
  • Average video quality 
  • 【SKYMEE Dog video Camera Lens Design】:1080p full HD camera & infrared LED night vision with a 120-degree wide-angle view, by monitor your pet on your phone,day & night.
  • 【2-Way Audio&Motion Detection】AI smart speaker control & 180°PTZ and 4x digital zoom,the Petalk AI Ⅱ will notify you by motion detection Know what’s going on at home and talk to calm them down via the app,you can chat and play with your pets.
  • 【Dog Treat Dispenser】The pet camera Packed with 2 trays, effectively compatible with treats from 11mm-14mm and 14mm ~ 17mm,you can Remotely release pets favorite snacks and play a game with your pets, avoid your love pets getting bored.
  • 【Multi-account Login】One app account can be support 8 people(with your friends、familly、colleague)view online,at the same time photos and videos also can be share your social media platform.
  • 【SKYMEE Dog Camera Setup】: 1)Plug in to a power outlet using USB cord .2)Download the full free app“Skymee” .3)Connect to 2.4G wifi (not compatible with 5G wifi). Contact technical support at any time via the app.12-hour response service is friendly offered.

YI Dome Camera

The next option a person can find while looking for the best wireless dog camera is Yi Dome Camera. It is subtle and understated; however, it has a swiveling head that will allow the users to see everything that is going on in your room. In addition, a PTZ pan/tilt/zoom camera will make things so much easier to see from anywhere that you put it. 

It will not cost you much. Moreover, if you cannot find your dog in the view, then with the help of the Yi application, you can follow them and keep a check on them. It will have motion detection, shooting footage, and night vision, giving you a clear 1080p HD. You may not know, but it is a great camera that may offer you something other than pet-focused features such as treats or leaser toys.   


1. Flexible monitoring that comes with 360-degree tracking 
2. Features direction control and motion control
3. 1080p image quality and enhanced night vision with the IR lights features.
4. 2-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker 


  • Physical privacy shutter
  • Free cloud storage option
  • Detect the person and sound


  • Limitations on the free cloud
  • 720p High-definition, 112° wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 345° horizontal & 115° vertical rotation range create a complete 360° coverage. Advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads extend the viewing distance to 3 meters in pitch dark with no light pollution, so your baby or pet will not be disturbed by LED glare.
  • Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. Intercom Mode: one party to talk and listen at a time or Hands-free Mode: both parties talk and listen freely for maximum flexibility.
  • Receive real-time Activity Alerts while you're out. 10-sec motion tracking records and centers the moving object. Bookmark your favorite positions (up to 8) and return to them at the tap of a button. Select Auto-Cruise to survey the area 360° horizontally or cruise your bookmarks, suitable for large areas that need a quick scan (and tracks moving objects).
  • YI Dome integrates with your YI Home family in one simple interface. User-friendly and intuitive app to customize your settings: activity alerts, auto-cruise, bookmarks, camera sharing, customize schedules, and more. Supports connectivity to a large number of devices with the same app/account for maximum convenience. Available for iOS and Android.
  • Supports YI Cloud to avoid the risk of losing footage from an SD card, ensure all your videos are safe, secure and protected. We provide the most efficient compression and the highest protection of data, so you can be sure that your footage is safe and secure. Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to access your camera with YI Home App on mobile device, and YI Home App on PC at anytime, anywhere. Built-in support for 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz (5Ghz currently not supported) Wi-Fi band.
  • Note: the firmware version must match your camera version. You can flash a Chinese version camera with any other version of firmware and power-on it, but it can never be paired.

EufyPet Dog Camera D605

The Eufy Pet dog camera D605 has a steep price tag, which will offer you some amazing features. It is a wide-angle lens that will swing 170°, so it will never miss the action. It will also provide you 270° treat shooter too, with three distance settings that you can do according to your dog’s needs. It will make snack time quite interesting for your dog. 

You know the best part about the Doggy Diary, which makes it the best wireless dog camera that will also create a digital scrapbook, making it the best fur baby moment. It will help you enjoy them later when they grow. The pet owner can capture the fur baby’s cuteness in stunning HD day or night vision. But remember that the camera only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections.


1. Give you a 360° view with the wide-angle lens and 270° rotation, which even comes with the smart track.
2. Will notify you with the bar and meow alerts, and you will also get notifications for their activities.
3. 1080p wide-angle lens with 4x zoom.
4. Provide 16GB local storage.
5. Compatible with Apple iOS and Android.
6. Supports only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections.


  • Offer wide-angle lens
  • Two-way communication
  • Treat tossing capability 


  • Do not offer cloud storage.
  • Only support 2.4GHz
  • Your Furbaby’s Always in Frame: Check in anytime with pet tracking technology that automatically follows your dog or cat for 24/7 care. Your pet stays the center of attention with rotation and a wide-angle lens that eliminates blind spots.
  • See Every Adorable Moment in HD Detail: Capture your furbaby’s cuteness in stunning HD day or night with powerful night vision. Watch in real-time on the eufy Pet app. Share the fun within your family too, watch together even when apart with multiple users able to watch the live feed at the same time. Note: Dog Camera only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections.
  • It’s Fun for Your Pet: Keep your dog or cat guessing with the pet camera’s 3-distance treat dispenser with tossing. Plus, Dog Camera’s unique anti-clog design keeps you playing with Rover, not fishing out stuck treats.
  • Your Smart Pet Sitter: While you're away, Dog Camera is hot on your dog or cat’s tail. You'll get notifications* via the pet camera’s phone app for every woof, meow, or movement detected, along with anything unexpected inside your home.
  • Love is Subscription Free: Never pay a monthly fee to enjoy the fur-tastic fun moments compiled by the advanced AI and Doggy Diary. Plus, you’ll get nearly 60 days of local storage** to save your favorite videos.

Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera

If you want to have the best wireless dog camera for your little furry friend then having Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt camera will be the suitable option that one can have. It is a security camera that will offer you a superior view of everything happening in your house. The camera has 360-degree views and the pet owner can control the camera with the help of an application on their phone to angle or tilt in any direction.

The design is compact and sleek, and the tester and the camera will feel sturdy. There are some extra features to which you can perform well, and the video quality will help you up to your expectation. The night vision of the video quality will be amazing. 

It is a reliable and effective security camera that makes it the best wireless dog camera. It will give you all the basic features of an SD card and better video recording.


1. It gives you a 360-degree field view with 1080p image quality.
2. Offer you 2-way audio 
3. Control the camera with the application
4. Night vision, monitor sensor, and even connect with the Google and Alexa device.


  • Simple and easy set-up
  • Include some extra features
  • Can be placed or mounted on the surface of level


  • There is no treat dispenser.
  • Crystal clear video – Sharp and clear 1080P full-HD provides high-quality video right in the palm of your hand
  • Pan and tilt – The Kasha spot pan tilt indoor security camera is perfect for wide-open living spaces and can rotate to cover multiple points in your room. With 360° rotational and 118° vertical views, the pan tilt camera can monitor every angle of any room
  • Motion tracking – When motion is detected, the Kasa Spot pan tilt will continue tracking the activity until it has stopped even if is out of the camera’s normal view. If your four-legged friend walks into your camera’s view, the pan tilt camera will track their motion until they’ve found a spot to settle down in
  • Activity zones – Configure customizable zones for more meaningful alerts. Place zones around your front door, kitchen or anywhere you like to focus your camera’s view
  • Cloud storage – Rolling 12-hour video history for two years free

Blurams Security Camera

Do you want to get a simple yet efficient pet camera? Then, you may be looking for the best wireless dog camera, which is incredibly easy and fast to set up, and that is the Blurams security camera. You can just download the application and connect it to the Wi-Fi, which will offer you better performance.

Things will be easy for you to see as it will even provide you with a night vision feature. In addition, there will be an application that will also send you a notification when you detect the motion and even the movement of the camera.   

The notifications you will get will be instant, and there will also be a feature where you can set off an alarm in your house and get detailed notes on the movement of this smart device.


1. Offer you a view of 360-degree that comes with a lens of 2K or 2560p.
2. It is a 2-way audio.
3. It even features a night vision and monitor sensor.
4. There is an application, too, which you can use to control the camera.


  • Budget-friendly price and user-friendly set-up 
  • Mounted or placed on the surface
  • Comes with some extra feature
  • Premium video quality


  • No treat dispenser
  • 👍Stay Connected 24/7 - 2K resolution, 131° FOV live stream direct to your phone day and night with advanced night vision. Two-Way Audio allows you to talk with your family through hands-free calling or send voice command to your pet. Accessing 4 wifi security cameras simultaneously on one screen in one app to remote monitor different places.
  • 👍AI Facial Recognition & Smart Detection - Build up your own database of familiar faces to improve the home security level. Know if your kid is back home, or alert if there is a stranger, easier to manage saved events and secure your house(Cloud service needed ). Send instant Alert and activate the Siren manually when it detects person, sound, or motion. Watch, download, and share the past 24 hours of alert video clips for free on the cloud.
  • 👍Customization Area & Privacy Protection: The WiFi camera indoor supports customizing highlight motion detection zones via Blurams APP. You will only receive the motion notification from the customized area. Privacy protection supports creating a zone as a private area to protect, the cloud camera will blur it entirely to protect your privacy.
  • 👍Cloud/Local Storage: This indoor camera monitors your house 24/7 and provides a continuous recording on the Cloud. One-month cloud trial with free-rolling the past 7 days 24/7 storage on the Cloud. Local storage supports up to 128GB Class10 micro SD card (not included).
  • 👍Works with Alexa & Google Assistant: Using your simple voice command to view your home security camera’s live stream on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. Ask Alexa or Google assistant to show your front door, baby room, or anywhere else you have your blurams wifi camera.Works with IFTTT lets you link just about any set of smart devices so they can work together, make your home more relaxing.

Petcube Pet Camera

Petcube Pet camera is the best wireless dog camera and the company’s simplest smart pet camera. It does not have the treat dispenser which makes this model a lot smaller and affordable for the users, and it gives you two-way audio (with a microphone and speaker), which makes it possible for you to talk to your pet and hear them.

The camera will offer you 1080p HD video that comes with a 110-degree wide-angle view and night vision. People consider this in the category of best wireless dog camera when it connects to the home Wi-Fi, where you can view and monitor the pet when you are out. The application will also send you notifications about the movement of your pet. 


1. The size of the device is 60.6 x 64 x 81.78 mm, which even comes with a lens of 110 degrees.
2. The connectivity of the device is 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, iOS 11.1 and even higher, and Android comes with 7.1.2 and higher.
3. The device includes a 2m USB cable, magnetic foot, quick start guide, Petcube power adaptor, and 3M tape.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable 


  • Application is glitchy
  • VIVID 1080p HD VIDEO & 30-ft NIGHT VISION — Check on your pets and home 24/7, enjoy a 110° wide-angle view and a high-quality 8x zoom. Alexa-compatible. No more missed moments or blind spots
  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR 2-WAY AUDIO — Alleviate your pet’s separation anxiety by chatting with them and listening to them bark or meow back! Reinforce positive behavior with audio feedback
  • AI-POWERED LIVE MOTION & SOUND ALERTS — Get notified of any activity at home with AI-tailored instant sound and motion alerts, featuring real-time alerts for human and pet identification
  • VIDEO HISTORY & EASY DOWNLOADS — Save and keep precious memories with Petcube Care. Replay up to 90 days of pet cam activity and save your favorite moments, web interface available
  • 1-MINUTE SET-UP & ADVANCED ENCRYPTION — Download the Petcube app. Plug the cam into a power outlet and link to WiFi. Compatible only with 2.4GHz WiFi. Top-tier encryption for data confidentiality


Do These Pet Cameras Record Everything All the Time?

Yes, these pet cameras record everything, as they will work 24/7. However, there are some cameras that are activated because of motion detection, which means they will not actively record things unless anyone walks into the room. 

Why is There a Need for a Dedicated Pet Camera?

Having the best wireless dog camera will help you in keeping an eye on the health of your dog, look for their behavior, and engage with them. If you catch your dog chewing on the furniture then that will save your couch and alert you when your dog is anxious, stressed, or hungry. 

Is Having the Dog Camera Really Worth It?

Yes, getting the best wireless dog camera will provide you a sense of security for the dog parent when they are away from their pet for quite a long time.

Bottom Line

These were some of the best wireless dog cameras that one can find. The different cameras will offer you different features, and it is crucial for you to check out the features and specifications according to your need, and then only you should make the right decision.  

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