How to Get Your Dog to Look at the Camera?

If a dog makes amazing eye contact with the camera, its images look more adorable and lively. The emotion that a photo with amazing eye contact conveys is astonishing and is something most pet owners desire. However, pet owners are often confused about how to get your dog to look at the camera.

Imagine a situation where you went on a walk with your dog, and suddenly a perfectly picturesque location appears. This location can be a fantastic tree, a beautiful waterfall, or maybe a flower garden. After seeing the pleasant view, you can’t wait to get fantastic pictures with your dog. However, your dog is not equally excited as you, and he is looking everywhere despite looking at the camera.


If you make different types, then surely your dog will give you a response. But first, you must try out different noises to determine which noise works best for your pup. These noises can include the squawking of children or loud barking noises that dogs produce.

When practicing different noises with your dog, ensure that many people do not surround you. You will feel very silly if many people are around you while practicing this. But when you figure out which type of noise works best for your dog, then it will be worth practicing it. Moreover, after listening to the right noise, dogs can make an even more curious look that most pet photographers dream to capture.

Not only have the noises, some dog’s quickly responded to different types of words. So, consider trying out different words with your dog. For instance, if your pup understands that when you say words like food or milk, you will give him something to eat. In this way, he can quickly respond to you. First, however, remember to give the things to your dog that you promised by saying these responsive words.

Dog Toys

Many dogs can’t resist themselves when they see their favorite soft toys. Whenever they see their soft toy, they will indeed have that playful and curious look on their sweet face. Therefore, if this is the case with your dog, you can hold your dog’s toy in one hand with the camera in the other. 

Toys that are attractive visually and produce curious sounds can be the best toy for your dog. If you are a passionate pet photographer and click pictures very often, you can buy a bunch of attractive toys for your dog.

Moreover, some mobile applications provide visual squeak toys for your little pup instead of buying toys. If you frequently travel with your dog, consider downloading these types of applications. This will be very handy as you don’t have to carry your dog’s toys.

Food Treats

Dogs love to eat food, so they can’t resist when anyone offers them food. So, offering your dog a food treat is the best method to capture that great shot. There can be many methods of providing food treats. However, one of the most effective methods is to make your dog sit in the same position for long hours. 

If you are taking photographs of your dog so often, you might know that the most challenging situation is to make your dog sit in the same position for enough time when capturing shots. However, some practice is required for your dog to sit in the same position.

 For practice, you can gain your pup’s attention by showing them food and then asking them to sit down. After they sit, don’t serve them the food immediately. If you serve them immediately, they won’t let you capture their picture and start eating the food. So instead, you can wait a few seconds when they sit and then serve them the food.


If you and your dog are in a crowded place like a park, you might encounter many distractions. After seeing so many distractions, you may be slightly puzzled about how to get your dog to look at the camera. Dogs are inquisitive, and they especially get curious when a lot of things happen around them.

A secret pet photography tip can help you in this situation. You can use your dog’s focus on distractions as an advantage. You just need to get between your pup and the thing that captured his attention with your camera. You will get the perfect shot at this time because your dog will be looking right at the camera, which is between the distraction.

Photography Skills

Many dogs hate seeing things in front of your eyes as they hate worms. At this time, you might wonder how to get your dog to look into the camera. This is where your photography skills come in. First, you must preset the camera and then take it slightly off so your eyes can be visible to your dog. By presetting your camera, you will get the perfect shot.

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