Why Is My Dog So Camera-Shy?

For whatever reason, sometimes it becomes difficult to take pictures with your dog. The dog cannot stay still even after trying so many times and taking plenty of pictures. There are several reasons behind this, so the solutions may also vary. Most people have this question in their mind why is a dog so camera-shy and answer to this is based on various problems. 

It can be possible that your dog is afraid of the camera, or it can also be possible that he is not interested in all this stuff. To make your dog look at the camera, first, you need to understand why he’s doing this. Once you understand the problem behind this, you can easily find the solution for this.

Why do dogs avoid cameras?

Are dogs camera-shy? Why do dogs hate cameras? Why do they not click pictures? These are some of the basic questions that most people and here you’ll get to learn about everything regarding this.

Most of the dogs hate cameras or give signs that they are not comfortable with this photo kind of stuff. One of the common possibilities behind this is that he may be afraid of it. We find it very common, but the dogs may find the object strange; that’s why they get anxious. Even smart and confident dogs sometimes get uncertain when they find the camera in front of them. 

4 Reasons for your dog Camera-Shy

There are several reasons behind the problem of dogs being camera shy. These are the basic reasons or signs reflecting that dogs are uncomfortable with the strange object lying in front of them. Therefore, they avoid taking pictures or running away from the cameras. Some of the basic reasons are elaborated below, which can help you find out about this problem.

Strange object

The dogs may find the camera as a staring object for them. The cameras may look intimidating to dogs, and they find it strange to handle. Many of the dogs find it highly uncomfortable and get anxious. The dogs do not like being stared at; they find the cameras like that. This is one of the basic reasons why they hate cameras.

Find it uncomfortable

The dog may find the photographer too close, making him uncomfortable. The dogs do not like that any object is placed too close to them. They easily get anxious and run away from the camera or phone. Thus make sure that your dog is in comfort or not.

Weird noises

The noises that come from the cameras may make the dogs disturbed sometimes. Many cameras have some moving parts fitted and also make some noise. These can be highly disturbing for some sensitive dogs, and then they avoid staying in front of the camera. Sometimes they also get scared and run away, and then it becomes more difficult to get them back. 

Unfamiliar with cameras

If you are finding the answer to why my dog is so camera shy, then the reason can be that they are not used to it. The dogs are not familiar with the camera or such photo-like activities. This can be possible that your dog has never seen the camera before. Most of the dogs are not used to these kinds of strange objects, which makes them highly uncomfortable, and then they avoid facing the camera.

5 Solutions for your dog Camera-Shy

Now as you have the knowledge about the reasons, then you can find the solutions accordingly. So here you get to know some of the basic solutions that may help you solve your problem.

Redirect attention

If your dog is not looking at the camera, try attracting them by offering a toy or a treat. Offering them what they need at the moment may be helpful in getting his attention. Try holding the toy or treat close to the lens; you can get the perfect shot after getting his attention. This is considered one of the most effective tricks, and you’ll benefit from it.

Using positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a method of fulfilling certain actions by offering a reward. Most dog trainers use this method to get the attention of the dogs. Here you need to use a piece of food or any treat which your dog likes as a reward in return for doing your command. So you can also try this method here to get some good pictures. These can be highly helpful and are often proven the most suitable solution. 

Contact trainer

In case you find your dog giving signs of getting scared or aggressive, then you may contact a trainer to find the reason why your dog is getting so anxious; without any reason, it’s better to contact a behaviorist. They can suggest you the best solution for this and also help in the elimination of this kind of behavior in your dog. Thus in case you are not getting any solution for the situation, it’s better to opt for this.

Contacting veterinarians

In case you find it difficult to solve the situation from any of the solutions given, then you can ask the vet. They can definitely help you in knowing the reasons and finding the solution. Veterinarians are considered for improving and strengthening the bond of animals with their owners. Also, they can easily and correctly guide you about the strange behavior of your dog. So contacting your vet would be highly beneficial for solving this problem.

Making them comfortable

The dogs sometimes get disturbed by the closeness of the camera or photographer. This makes them highly uncomfortable, and you should pay attention to this. Just try to make your dog feel comfortable and make them keep it in a situation where it will feel relaxed. This would make your dog feel better, and it can remain still for some time.

Final thoughts

Now as you have the answer to the question of why my dog is so camera shy, you can also find the solution for this. After knowing the basic reasons and their solutions, there is a high chance that you can make your dog look at your camera and can give you at least enough photos.

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