Can You Hear Your Dog on Furbo?

Does leaving your doggie alone at home give you anxiety and high blood pressure like other pet owners? If the answer is yes, then Furbo is the best device for surveillance of your furry friend while you are not home. 

Furbo is an AI-powered treat-tossing camera that allows two-way communication with your dog while you are not at home. But while buying this device, people often ask can you hear your dog on Furbo? It has been trendy for the last few years because these devices help make your little companion naps look more beautiful. The technology used in this device is such a game-changer for your pup.

How to Communicate With Your Dog Using Furbo?

When we talk about communication, the first thing that comes to mind is can you hear your dog on Furbo? The answer is yes that this device supports a two-way communication feature. With this device, you can hear and talk with your dog. 

However, when you hear your dog’s sound through Furbo, you might need help understanding what he wants to say. So, to communicate with your pup easily, you can download a dog sound translator application. These types of translator apps will help you understand your dog’s feelings in a better way. 

Does Furbo Include a Mic?

Most of the pet owners who are thinking of buying a Furbo are often confused about this question that a Furbo contains a mic or not. However, it is a high-quality web camera with a microphone and a rack to keep food. With the help of this device, you can feed and talk to your doggie from any part of the world.

Hearing With Furbo

The Furbo dog camera comes with the feature of two-way audio. The question in pet parents’ minds is, can you hear your dog on Furbo? Therefore, you can easily hear the sounds of your doggie on this device. Moreover, your doggie can also hear your sounds through it.

Treat Dispensing

Dispensing the food treat is one of the most beneficial perks of the Furbo device. A treat dispenser is present in which you can fill more than 100 treats for your dog. You can provide these treats to your dog with one click on the Furbo device tracking app. It does not matter whether you are 100m or 1000 km away from the Furbo device; you can still serve food to your dog.

Video Streaming

The Furbo camera device supports HD video streaming on your smartphone. This HD streaming ensures that you can see your doggie in real-time. Moreover, this device also provides a night vision feature. The night vision feature allows you to see your pup without light.

Barking Alerts

As you know, Furbo is an intelligent AI-powered device; hence, it comes with a barking alert feature. When your dog is barking, it will give you a notification on your phone on the Furbo device application. When you receive a notification, you will be able to detect that something is not right with your pup. Therefore, in this situation, you can immediately reach home to address the problem.

Setting Up a Furbo Device

Most pet parents like Furbo devices because they are effortless to install and set up. To install a Furbo device, you need Wi-Fi with a stable connection and a power plug to plug in the device. Moreover, it also comes with a USB cord connection and a quick user guide. So if you are facing any trouble using the Furbo device, then you can take the help of that quick user guide.

Affordable to Buy

The Furbo camera is one of the best affordable dog cameras available today. However, you can purchase this device from any pet store. Furthermore, you could buy it from online websites if you did not find it in any offline pet store. Also, the online sites provide many discounts, offers, and deals on purchasing this device.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Furbo camera is a well-designed device to watch your pup while you are physically away from them. Moreover, if your dog is not anxious when you are not physically present, then Furbo can help to keep your dog calm. This device will keep him calm by treating toss-treating them with food on your instructions.

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